ApexDC++ Slim 1.5.4 for Windows 10


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ApexDC++ is a new Direct Connect client based on the StrongDC++ modification that will provide extra features, customization, improved interface and much more! The program does not contain any malware and is actively developed. Features: Support for PeerGuardian binary list formats (P2Bv1, P2Bv2, P2Bv3 code taken from libp2p, with few minor modifications) PeerGuardian List Viewer Auto-open hubs OP Chat (works with the 1st entry of OP chat names list, which has been renamed to Hub Chatrooms) Toolbar positions are now saved Explorer like locking of toolbars (added a toolbar context menu, toolbar and media toolbar toggles aswell) Option to use AutoComplete in search window (this option also turns on persistent search history. AutoComplete from revconnect) Options to keep finished uploads/downloads between sessions Quick Search box (Under View menu) Added "Always on top" (Under View menu) Option to display full info for filelists in download queue Option to place all non-hub tabs in front (pm windows are counted as hub tabs) Option to use Zion like tabs Mini tabs (hub tabs only) Option to blend offline search results Option for logging chat in favorite hub properties Auto-resizing chat message boxes (set max value in experts only to 1 in order to disable this) Consider old clients (no full support for TTH) as cheating Option to use RegExp's and wildcards with ignorelist (use $Re: for RegExp, option to prevent it unnecessarily looking for them in the list) Option to toggle "speed indicators" of Stealthy styled progress bars Check finished files for viruses Ability to use the old way (StrongDC 1.x) of displaying hub names (default: disabled) Compatibility modes for few different kinds of external userlist images Files are highlighted in search window if user already has them shared (SMT) Chat command /reconnect (use /rc for short) RegExp ADLSearch and related features from Zion Blue 2.02 Option to use one layout for all hub windows Modified the present "Hub chatrooms" feature so that it's more useful to those that use raws or user commands (see added note) Now extracts "metadata" from Profiles.xml file Back button to ClientProfileDlg The raw & cheating description quick access dialog from Zion Blue 2.02 Delete checked filelists Extended Favourite download directories The 64-bit version of ApexDC++ is available at the developer's website. What's New in version 1.5.4: Fix: ADLSearch loading including case sensitivity behaviour Fix: KEYP checking for some configurations (added notes about our changes vs spec) Fix: Potential crash that plugins could trigger Fix: Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1c Setup: Updated OpenCandy SDK Setup: Fixed duplicate directory issue when choosing existing installation